Why People Desperately Want You to Go LIVE!


You've been feeling all the fear/feelings around hosting a live event. Will anyone come? Will it be a success? Will you make any money? Will you even have any fun?

The truth is, I can't answer those questions (well, at least not without talking to you one-on-one), but I can tell you this:

Your audience DESPERATELY wants you to host a live event.

In today's video, I'm going to tell you WHY your audience wants to see you LIVE and how you can put this knowledge to really, really good use when initiating your next workshop, retreat, or conference.

As a sidenote (which I forgot to mention in the video), it's important to know why your audience wants to attend a live event so that you can be sure to bring it up in your marketing materials, sales page, Instagram posts, etc. If you can identify the need, then you can create a really great product (the event) that solves that need!


1. Your audience wants you to host a live event because they get to know, like, and trust you in a way they can't if you are running a primarily online business.

2. They get to meet others who are also experience the same struggles that they are experiencing...which creates a community of dedicated followers.

3. They get dedicated, uninterrupted personal or business development time (which we don't EVER get anymore because our attention span averages EIGHT SECONDS!)


Leave a comment below and tell me about a really GREAT event experience you've had as an attendee. OR if you've hosted a live event yourself, tell me what your attendees have said to encourage you to host another!

Lauren CaselliComment