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We help you create strategic live events that build communities and change the world.

At Lauren Caselli Events, we craft unique, high-touch, high-impact events and experiences for clients looking to boost the lifetime value of their current customers, while cultivating the best new customers to bring into their communities.


The best part of working with the LCE team was how down to earth, easy to get along with and organized, the entire team was. Before hiring them, we felt overwhelmed, stressed and bogged down with details and logistics, but after, we felt like our details and logistics were taken care of, that we were in good, trusted hands and we could focus on what we do best.

Joanna Waterfall, Founder of Yellow.Co


from the blog:

5 Ticketing Platforms for Event Registrations

Lately, I’ve been doing a TON of research about the best ticketing platforms for events. It seems to constantly be a struggle for event hosts — trying to figure out how to sell tickets when you don’t even really know what you need. And can’t you just use PayPal for people to buy tickets?


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