Hey there, creative entrepreneur-with-wild-dreams of having an open-mic and all your people in the audience, rapturously taking in every word.

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You're a talented lady, you've got a following of your ideal-clients-slash-wannabe-best-friends, and your work Lights. You. Up.

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You also really want to get your people together, IN PERSON (!) for a workshop, retreat, circle-of-love, seance-of-goodness, roomful-of-knowledge-flowing-back-and-forth. Or something up that alley.

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And while you want to get started planning this Very Big Event, you also aren't quite sure, um, where to start. Or how to start. Or how much it's going to cost. (Please say less than a kazillion dollars?)


(Thankfully, that's where I come in.)

I work with my clients in three game-changing, super powerful ways.

Full Retreat Planning

Workshop and retreat planning from soup to nuts. You need plans and checklists and someone to fly (or drive or canoe) in to implement it all so you can focus on being present at your event? This is for you.

Partial Retreat Planning

All the planning checklists checked, phone calls and communication handled, and content outlines created, but you bring in your own Hype Girl to run the show during the event (with a Very Detailed Binder that I mail you the week of your day).


1:1 Plan of Attack

For small workshops and retreats where you just need someone to give you a basic overview of how to get this all off the ground (plus, your own personalized planning timeline, day-of event agenda, and planning checklists up the proverbial wazoo).