You've got wild dreams of hosting your own, sold-out conference

you know you need to build your speaking resume

You want to leave the computer screen behind and get in front of a crowd

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You're a talented lady, you've got a following of your ideal-clients-slash-wannabe-best-friends, and your work Lights. You. Up.

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You also really want to get your people together, in person for a workshop, retreat, circle-of-love, seance-of-goodness, roomful-of-knowledge-flowing-back-and-forth. Or something up that alley.

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And while you want to get started planning this Very Big Event, you also aren't quite sure, um, where to start. Or how to start. Or how much it's going to cost. (Please say less than a kazillion dollars?)


(Thankfully, that's where I come in.)

I work with my clients 1:1 in three game-changing, super powerful ways.

Full Retreat Planning

*For boss ladies who have an engaged following, and need some help executing*

Venue Research + Budgeting

*For boss ladies who need help getting started, but can take the reigns once we get going*

Plan of Attack

*For boss ladies who have tough questions and need a plan, but can execute like a pro*