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"This was the best presentation for me. I think the most worthwhile message of the whole evening would be best directed to the message that for a woman to make it starting a business, the single most efficient thing to do that does bring results is form a small group with like five other women and make a promise to meet regularly once a month.

The purpose would be to describe what progress each woman has made for organization of her business. What has she sold? Did she make business cards? Show cards for approval to her team mates. What went wrong. Confide this to her team. What ideas do her team mates have for how to reach new clients? Support is the most important psychological tool women need to remain committed. That's what heard Lauren say. I believe this alone was worth me coming to the Penny presentation." -- Penny Conference Attendee

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Stratejoy Summer Camp

"Lauren is brilliant. She saved me weeks of time with her expertise and gave me everything to run a successful workshop. She sorted venue, food, swag bags, transportation, schedule, curriculum, room set-up - ALL OF IT - and I can not thank her enough. HIRE HER." -- Halley Gray, Evolve & Succeed



"Fast, efficient, no bullshit. I knew you knew your stuff right away, and when I got the follow up email,  I was super sure you're awesome at this." -- Heather Rees, HeatherRees.com



"I so appreciated having you walk me through the must-haves and the gotta-dos so I could get some clarity around taking my living-room workshops into bigger venues!  I liked the step-by-step support, and I LOVE  the action plan. (whee!)" -- Deb Cooperman, DebCooperman.com