Want to know every tool I use to run my business and my events?

I'm so glad you asked.


Free Downloads

Below you can find free printables, workbooks, and templates that I have either created or use daily!

BOOKWORM like me?


General Business Tools

  • GSuite - for keeping all our files organized and for our branded email provider

  • Asana - for project management and project check in with the team

  • Slack - for team communication

  • SamCart - checkout pages for products or event ticket sales (events smaller than 50 people)

  • Teachable - for hosting my online courses Sell More Sponsorships and Events That Convert

  • Deadline Funnel - for automated deadline creation for event and product sales pages (this is AWESOME for selling products).

  • Quickbooks Self-Employed - For the first 4 years of my business, I did my own bookkeeping. Year 1 was via Excel! Quickbooks is now my go to provider for bookkeeping.

  • ConvertKitConvertKit is my email provider and I LOVE working with them. I switched from Mailchimp in 2017 and it has changed the way I communicate with my audience.


Event Software

  • Ticket Tailor - lowest fees around and what I use for all my events

  • Eventbrite - best customer service and best software for free events


Marketing + Sales

  • Squarespace - for website building (all my websites are on Squarespace)

  • Planoly - for scheduling Instagram posts and seeing my Instafeed prior to hitting “post”

  • ECamm Live - for broadcasting webinars live to Facebook and Youtube without any complicated workarounds.

Please note, I may get an affiliate commission from some of the links posted here, but I use EVery product that I recommend - affiliate or not. you don't get charged any more (sometimes you even get a discount!) so it's win-win!

Productivity + Time Management

  • The Gratitude Journal - The Gratitude Journal is the heart of my morning routine. It’s a 5 minute pause to remember what it is about your business and life that you love so much.

  • Productivity Planner - This is how I get so many projects done each week. Perfectly compliments the Gratitude Journal above and helps you slay your To Do list.


Office Must-Haves

  • Moleskin Field Notes - for taking notes on site visits or on airplanes when I don’t have a ton of space to write.

  • Logitech Webcam - use for recording all my videos and webinars. So much better than my built-in webcam!

  • Blue Ball Microphone - for sound and audio recording

  • HP Printer - for when I need all the floorplans printed :)

  • Mac Adapter - for those tricky times that you need an HDMI adapter for a Mac, this is an all-in-one port combo for the latest Mac computers.