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We help you create strategic live events that build communities and change the world.

At Lauren Caselli Events, we craft unique, high-touch, high-impact events and experiences for clients looking to boost the lifetime value of their current customers, while cultivating the best new customers to bring into their communities.


The best part of working with the LCE team was how down to earth, easy to get along with and organized, the entire team was. Before hiring them, we felt overwhelmed, stressed and bogged down with details and logistics, but after, we felt like our details and logistics were taken care of, that we were in good, trusted hands and we could focus on what we do best.

Joanna Waterfall, Founder of Yellow.Co


Lauren Caselli Events was an absolute pleasure to work with. They handled everything from customer registration communications to booking off-site events to working with sponsors.  They truly served as a full-service event partner for our conference. And it was wonderful to see how much they cared that our people/attendees and how well they were taken care of.  In the instances where people needed special accommodations (special meals, last-minute changes, etc) Lauren and her team were gracious and proactive implementing personalized solutions. THANK YOU for taking the reins on producing a world-class even for our Community!

Andrew Youderian, Founder of eCommerceFuel Live


from the blog:

How to Become a Corporate Event Planner

I probably get one email a week asking me how I started my event planning business. Most of the time, I get really humble about it, and minimize it — Oh, I don’t know, I just made a website and emailed some people and then I just kinda got clients and it’s super great!

To be fair, I think that “How did you start your event planning business” might be the wrong question. I think the better question is:

What mistakes did you make, and despite all of them, how did you manage to stay in the game?

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