Client since 2016:

Yellow Conference

OVERVIEW: The Yellow Conference is a 500 person conference for women who are running or starting businesses that have a social mission. The conference is two-days, beautifully designed, and full of inspiring keynotes, a marketplace with 25+ social enterprised-focsed product vendors, and multiple on-site social activities and spaces for connection.



Strategy, Planning and On-Site Management

Yellow Conference founder Joanna Waterfall engaged Lauren Caselli Events and team to help manage a growing conference with multiple speakers, vendors, and spaces. What started as a “shower-idea” had bloomed into a large-scale, two-day, sell-out event, that was becoming hard for the internal team to manage. Yellow reached out to LCE in 2016 to help launch their membership program, The Yellow Community, which led to an engagement as the planning team for the annual Yellow Conference.

Lauren Caselli Events came onto the team and acted as a project manager, vendor liaison, speaker manager, and overall event manager, helping the conference to become more streamlined, and allowed the Yellow team to focus on the design, content, and flow of the two-day event.



The best part of working with the LCE team was how down to earth, easy to get along with and organized, the entire team was. Before hiring them, we felt overwhelmed, stressed and bogged down with details and logistics, but after, we felt like our details and logistics were taken care of, that we were in good, trusted hands and we could focus on what we do best.

Joanna Waterfall, Founder of Yellow.Co


Services Provided

• Overall event project management

• vendor vetting and liaising

• speaker liasing and management

• budget oversight and management

• event planning

• volunteer recruitment and management

• on-site management and execution



What Worked

increasing revenue

In our first year as the event team, we worked with Yellow to create ticket price bumps to help encourage “fence-sitters” to commit to buying tickets further in advance (most tickets purchased were bought within one month before the conference, which made it difficult to project for planning purposes). We also revised their refund policy to help them keep more revenue based on reasonable expectations of cancellation, which led to higher-grossing event overall.

Budget analysis

We created a basic profit and loss budget, and added revenue analysis to the budget, so that we could understand how many tickets needed to be sold in order to make the projected profit. In 2018, we were within $600 of our projected budget, which was a drastic change from years past.

creating systems

Before engaging the Lauren Caselli Events team, the Yellow internal team didn’t have a specific process for managing all the moving parts for the event. We created a project management template with deadlines, which meant we stayed on planning target each week and made planning less reactive and more process-oriented.



Proven Results

After working with Lauren Caselli Events for 2016, 2017, and 2018’s conferences, The Yellow Team has found more space to work on new projects, such as retreats, getaways, and other community-focused events. With Lauren Caselli Events focusing on the conference details, Yellow can focus on what they do best: build communities through their monthly, quarterly, and yearly events.