Why You Need a Hype Girl

Don’t do your events alone…make sure you have a hype girl (or guy) there with you.

hype • gurl, n. A person who helps gets the crowd hyped / amped / pumped before or during a show or live performance.

Hosting a live event can be nerve-wracking. Not only do you worry that your attendees are having a good experience, that they've eaten enough, or that they're getting value from the event, but if you're speaking or teaching, you have to worry about SPEAKING OR TEACHING (which, incidentally is the #1 thing most feared by humans).

*cue all the stress*

The one thing I require all my Plan of Attack clients to have at their events is a Hype Girl.

A hype girl is someone who takes all the hosting burden off of you so that you can engage with your attendees at your event.

(She's like Rosie from Sophia Grace and Rosie.)

She'll run your registration table, hand out nametags, hang people's coats, show them where the bathroom is, point them to the bar, give them a little roundup of how the day is going to flow, answers any routine questions your guests may have, checks to make sure lunch is all set up, and even sits in the audience to ask questions during Q + A to warm up the crowd.

She'll find a cab company when it's pouring rain and she'll make sure all your attendees have safe rides to wherever they're going. She'll set up your event and clean up at the end so you can rest, and she'll pour you a glass of wine when it's all over.

For events over 8 people, she is vital.

But why do you need her?

Have you ever hosted a dinner party where you've made dinner for a couple of your friends? And you're literally breading the chicken or elbow deep mixing pie crust when your first guest arrives? And then when they get there, you're worried about hanging their coat, getting them a drink, and putting the finishing touches on dinner while you're trying to ask them how they are?

THIS is exactly why you need a hype girl at your event.

You need someone to have your back while you engage with your clients.

You need someone who wants to serve your clients in the same way that you do, but in a different capacity (namely, making sure their needs are taken care of).

I can be your hype girl, but even having your assistant, your sister, your mom, or someone who really believes in your business or your mission is worth having.

Because without her (or him! I give you permission to have a hype guy!), you'll be a little bit more frantic and your guests will pick up on it.

Have you ever run an event without a hype girl? What was the most stressful part about not having someone there to help you out?