You Can't Sell Fun. You Can't Sell Rest: What's Wrong with Most Retreat Sales Pages

You'll finally get a chance to relax under the swaying palm trees of South Florida.

You'll feel relaxed and refreshed and able to take on the demands of your life when you return.

You'll have so much fun with 15 of your brand new friends from around the world.

These are often lines from sales pages for vacation-like retreats that I've seen. And if your business is as a hotelier or a travel agency or a travel blogger, then I give you the go-ahead to use phrases like this to sell your service or your product.

For the rest of us retreat hosts?

It's really, really hard to sell rest, relaxation, and fun.

Let's say you're a coach (wellness, business, marketing, whatever) and you want to take you and 10 of your dream clients to a beach in Mexico, and your marketing angle is that you get to take a break from your business or your life and focus on yourself?

Not going to work. Why? Because people (women especially) can take vacations for much, much less and they don't have to spend the extra money (that you deserve as the retreat host!) to go with a coach, a guru, or a yoga teacher.

If you're selling a an exclusive retreat with you, you need to sell the change that your attendees will make if they attend. Will they get one-on-one face time with you? Will they get seminars around your expertise? Will they be treated to intimate dinners with 10 other moms/business owners/workout gurus? Will they learn something, get better, make a change, make their lives easier?

An example: when I was 25, I went to Mexico on an all-women's surf camp because I wanted to learn how to surf. At the end of the trip, they guaranteed that I would at least be able to get up on a board.

What I really got was this: a tribe of amazing female friends, a gorgeous villa to stay in, lots of time to hang out on the beach and relax, the cutest shopping in all the land in a tiny beach town, some inspiring surfers, oh yea, and I sorta learned how to surf, too.

Had they tried to sell me all the other stuff first, I would have said "Nah, I'm good. I don't need new friends, or more beach time, or a cute beach town. I can find that stuff on my own." But since they sold me a skill and a way to make my life change for the better, I was hooked!

Those are the things that sell a retreat, because at the end of the day, people don't want to rest. They want their lives to be changed for the better in some way. Even if that way is THROUGH rest or relaxation or fun, you can't sell them that. You need to find out their pain point, figure out how this retreat will help them, and then SELL THAT! They'll get all the restful relaxing benefits when they show up.


Have you ever gone on a retreat? What was the one thing that convinced you to go? If you haven't but have wanted to, what's the one thing that makes you long to attend?

Lauren CaselliComment