The Best Way to Fill Up Your Next Event

Here's my tried and true way to get people in the doors at events

You know what sucks?

No one coming to your event.

Event marketing is BY FAR the biggest hurdle that most business owners have to leap before they even can consider hosting an event.

Do you want to know what makes people even more interested to attend an event than a well-timed Facebook event and some social media blasts?

Personal Invitations

How amazing does it feel when you get a personal invitation to something from a friend. It's like your friend was thinking exactly of you and knew that this specific event would be perfect for your needs and wants.

And yet, most people simply do the email campaign game, the social media bomb, and the "Buy these tickets!' blasts.

Try this next time you have an event:

Make a list of 25 people you know that would LOVE an event like this. That would think it was the bees-freaking-knees. That would get 5x as much value as the ticket price.

Then, send them a personal email (no BCC up in here, okay?!), telling them exactly why they should come. How this event will affect them. And why you'd be so, so honored to have them there.

See if THAT sells more tickets than your run-of-the-mill email blast, hm?

Lauren CaselliComment