Why Early Bird Ticket Sales Are ESSENTIAL For Your Event

Should I have early bird tickets for my event? Yes! Find out why here.

Want to know the BIGGEST mistakes that creative, online entrepreneurs make when they open ticket sales for their live event?

a) They don't have a MINIMUM number of tickets they need to sell

b) They don't have a sales strategy with their ticket sales

I get it. It's scary to put an event out there because YOU HAVE TO BACK IT UP. It's not like an online course where, if you sell 10 but you wanted to sell 100, you can still run the course without it being a big deal.

Sure, events are big risks...but you can also reap BIG rewards.

If you're marketing and selling tickets to a live event, you need:

a) a DEFINITE day tickets go on sale

b) a DEFINITE day that the early bird rate ends

c) a DEFINITE day that ticket sales close

Please note that you can ALWAYS open ticket sales up later in the year (if you're selling tickets early enough), so if you don't sell ALL your tickets in that one time period you have the option of bumping the price (again) and opening sales up for another shortened period of time. 

But it can be nearly impossible, when you're selling to a consumer, to get them to purchase without a serious incentive (like a closing date, a bump in ticket sales, or the end of a bonus).

The honest truth is this:

Most ticket sales come when tickets IMMEDIATELY open, when you're about to have a bump in price, and RIGHT BEFORE they close. 

So communicating these dates and times are CRUCIAL to your event marketing and selling strategy.

It's also crucial to know that most people make big purchases at the last minute. So, if you keep your ticket sales open for months and months for a medium sized event (between 50 - 150 people), you're not incentivizing them to make that decision.

Plus, if ticket sales are open indefinitely, people start getting a little freaked out...why is she still pushing ticket sales? Are they not selling well? Should I not go to this event?

Of course, nothing creates demand like the lack of supply (see: House of Cards bingeing on Netflix), so counting down tickets and creating a "scarcity" mindset is actually helping you increase your demand.

Thus, early bird ticket sales are CRUCIAL to the success of your sales figures.

Imagine this: your event is well-hyped. You've sent out TONS of emails prepping your list for your event's awesomeness. You've done a big social media push, hyped the early bird ticket price, and done a countdown on Instagram until ticket sales open.

You open tickets and a RUSH of people buy within the first 24-hours. They've been WAITING for months to buy their ticket and they finally have theirs. Wahoo!

Over the next week, a few more sales come in, but right before you close your early bird ticket sales, you get another BIG rush of people. Wahoo!

And then...regular priced tickets show up! And people aren't buying. And you're promoting, and running ads, and letting people know left and right....but they're not buying.

What's wrong? Why is this happening?

It's because you haven't given them a REASON to buy. There's no impending deadline. They'll get to it when they get to it...but maybe they'll get to it AFTER they buy those Beyonce tickets that are almost sold out.

See what I mean? THIS is why you need an early bird ticket rate. And then you need to CLOSE ticket sales until you can evaluate your event, your marketing effort, and the tickets you have left so that you can create a really concise, targeted effort around selling those final tickets.

Okay your turn!

Tell me 1 experience you've had buying a ticket to a live event (whether it's a show, concert, workshop, or conference) and WHY you bought the ticket.

Can't wait to hear about it in the comments below!