Are You Making Your Event Too Complicated?

If your event is still an idea and not executed, you may be making it too complicated.

There is a time and a place for your event to be a bang up, knock down, amazing experience for your clients.

And there is a time that you have to remind yourself WHY exactly you're doing these events in the first place.

Let me be clear.

All of my clients are purpose-driven, feelings-based, empathetic women who want to CHANGE the world, their businesses, and their families lives through the work that they do.

They don't money grub, no, but they know that they have to make money to keep doin' what they do.

They want every interaction with THEIR clients to be amazing and filled with love.

But sometimes, they get stuck in their own heads.

They're worried about sending out the right amount of emails, or whether or not to send a welcome gift, or if they should by laying out mints on all of their guests' pillows.

The reality is this:

In-person events are meant to get people in a room with you so that you can make the experience they have with you online EVEN MORE customized, personal, and effective.

You can absolutely have customized s'more kits for each individual person...or you can just let people take the s'mores out of the boxes themselves, help each other make the s'mores, and focus on delivering the best life-changing experience that you can all have together.

I know, I know.

You're a perfectionist and super type A.

(Meeee toooo)

But if your event is just a dream right now, and no closer to reality than it's been in the past, then I need you to change one thing:

Your view of what your retreat or workshop SHOULD look like.

Sure, maybe you want their to be a balloon arch welcoming your guests and because you can't figure that out, then you should just SCRAP THE WHOLE THING.

No, no, no. 

The beauty about your events is that YOU get to create the experience that your guests have...they don't have ANY idea what the experience is that you've created for them in your brain.

So while, yes, I FIRMLY believe in high-quality, gorgeously presented events, if you're starting with an idea for a retreat but you can't seem to get it launched, then you're probably overcomplicating it.

Events can be simple networking opportunities. 

Or they can be a HUGE launch bash.

The beauty of this is that as long as you deliver amazing, inspiring, actionable content, and shower your attendees with amazing love, your customers will want more or you, and they'll want more of your events.

Scouts honor.

Lauren CaselliComment