PeriPost: Three Ways to Structure Your Event Fee

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If you've been around here for a while (or if you're just joining me, welcome!), you'd know that I normally do Monday videos.

Now that I'm basically obsessed with Periscope and have been scoping almost daily, I've decided to use my favorite event-related 'Scopes as my Monday video, so that if you miss them, you can get them even after the fact (hurrah!).

(If you don't know what Periscope is, check out the video below. It's an awesome live-streaming video).

That said, today's video is about different types of fee structures for events. Some events are tons of money up front (retreats and small intimate experiences usually fall under this category) and some events are a small buy in (large conferences and workshops are usually here) for a reason. (There are also FREE events, which I talk about as well, but I only recommend those in specific cases).

Watch the video below and you'll learn:

•The difference between high dollar and low dollar events

•Why some entrepreneurs choose to host high dollar and low dollar events

•How and why to host a free event


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