Notes from My Desk: The Unproductive Days

Here's a secret in my business that you may start noticing:

When I'm not posting on Instagram, when I'm not sending my Tuesday weekly newsletter on time (want in? Drop your email below!), when you don't here from me a ton?

I'm in something I like to call "A Dip."

Dips happen in my business all the time, and can often last a week or two, or a few months. It's frustrating and usually comes after a period of having some extreme business highs.

For example, my year has gone like this:

January - Met with Creative Lady Club (my mastermind) for the first time

February - Planned Boss Lady Bash #1

March - Sold out Boss Lady Bash #1

April - Held Boss Lady Bash #2

May - August: A crapload of high emotions, lots of requests for coffee, new clients/business opportunities, and a general constant feeling of elation and anxiety and stress around business


And to be really really honest? I'm still struggling with my dip. I've gotten my next Boss Lady Bash lined up (October 27th in Bozeman...shhhhhh) and I'm writing the sales copy for the IN-PERSON mastermind group that I'll be launching in November (yup, that too!), and I'm looking at restructuring the Boss Lady community completely for 2016.

But right now, it's a lot of ideation and NOT a lot of getting work done. And that feels super shitty. It feels like I'm letting my baby business down, it makes me feel like I'm letting other #Boss Ladies down, and it makes me feel like I'm reversing all the hard work I've been doing all year.


(cuz there's always a but, right?)

I'm so lucky to be able to say that I've been here before.

And I 100% know in my deepest of beings that I'll get past it. And I also know that I'll be here again.

So how do I cope? And how can you cope when the dip creeps up on you?

Let it happen.

Yep, you heard me. Let that dip run it's course. The more you struggle against the dip, the harder you fight to crawl out, the more you send emails and write content and struggle to get your old fire back again? The more frustrated you feel. So recognize when you're in a dip, recognize that your body needs a break, and you're already better off than where you started.

Take care of yourself.

When I'm dippin' hard, I know that I need some extra loving, so I try to do my best to allow myself white space. I go hiking, get outside, write blog posts, write in my journal, sleep in, talk to my therapist about it, get massages, get my hair done, and generally take a slower pace of life.

Because dips aren't forever and I know there are times in my life where I don't get to take care of myself (like the next time life is going to be crazypants!)

Do the bare minimum

I looked around the other day and realized my house was clean AF, I had updated my passport, my insurance, my registration, I was caught up on all my bills, I made a doctor's appointment, sent thank you cards and birthday presents, and my fridge was fully stocked. I can't remember the last time my life was so organized.

This is my bare minimum. Feeling like my house and personal life are in control makes me know that no matter what I get done, I'm going to be neat and clean at the end of the day. If nothing else, my life feels orderly and in my control.

Do your bare minimum, whether that's cleaning your inbox, responding to clients, putting up a weeklong "Out of Office" memo...whatever.

Give yourself a bit of grace.

Dips happen to everyone, everywhere, without warning. And business owners talk about them, but they only talk about them AFTER they're out of them. Which is encouraging because (get this), you'll get out of it!

So talk about it. Whine about it. Blog about it. Because when you're out of it, you'll be glad that you did everything you could do to enjoy it while you were in it.

How do you deal with your dips? I'd love to hear about it below!

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