Weekend or Weekday: When Should I Host My Event?

I totally get it.

You want your event to appeal to as many people as possible, you want it to be an amazingly executed experience, you want as many people as possible to attend because it works for them.

And, with most pieces of the planning process, you get hung up on the details: should it be a weekend or a weekday? Night or lunchtime? How can I optimize this experience so that I can get people the actually show up?

In today's video I'm going to cover:

• How you can figure out when your audience wants you to host your event

• Best times of the week to host an event (hint: Not Sunday or Friday night)

• When you should consider hosting aweekend event vs. a weekday event

And when you're done watching, I'd love to know WHEN you like to host events and why. Drop a comment below and tell me why you prefer a weekend event over a weekday one.

Lauren Caselli1 Comment