Notes from My Desk: Why I Won't Tell You To Go Full-Time With Your Business

photo by  Citizen Lucida

Have you ever felt that slow creep of panic rise up through your neck when someone asks you "So. What do you do?"

And then you have to do that thing where you explain to people exactly how you want to call yourself a designer or a stylist or a baker but you know that you actually nanny and teach yoga and freelance on social media for some of your friends' businesses?


But that also happens in the business world, too. You start hanging out with people who are freelancers or are starting startups or who want to run their own enterprises and then they ask "So tell me about your business..."

And you feel that familiar heat creep up your neck...


But here's the real deal: you get two options with this one.

You either:

1) Are a business owner or a freelancer and want that to be your life.

2) Or you're not and you don't. And you want it to be a part of your life but not your whole life.

And I'm never ever going to tell you to be one or the other. Because I don't think everyone should be a business owner, just like I don't think everyone should divert their attention between many jobs.

For some people, having a side hustle, a passion project, or a hobby business IS THE BEST THING FOR THAT PERSON.

And I'm NOT going to tell them to do it differently.

And I get mad at all the other people out there who say "You need to pick one or the other. You need to go full force with your business ownership."

To that I call bullshit.

Here's the truth. Being a business owner is:






{insert all the other negative things you can possibly think in here and business ownership is one of those things for SURE}

It can also be extremely rewarding, but sometimes, people can't make it through that entire list I just mentioned above and survive.


Because you need to decide what it is that you want in your life, and you need to decide what you're good at and you need to STOP FEELING THE SHAME THAT COMES WITH NOT PICKING A CAMP.

Because I absolutely believe that you can love your job AND freelance on the weekends to pay for your Amazon habit. Or that you can love consulting and client work and not need to monetize or create an e-book or scale if you don't want to.

And don't let anyone tell you any differently. Because it's not up to them.

And also, because entrepreneurship wasn't sexy 5 or 10 years ago. And just because it's sexy doesn't mean it's the best thing you should do ever in the world.

Eyes on your own paper, #bosslady. You got this.

(Also, I should mention, the girl working three jobs in the above example? Those were actually the jobs I worked back in the day when I was a floundering copywriter and content creator. Go figure, huh?)

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