It's Here! Create Your Community LIVE via the #BossLadyScopeChallenge

I love Periscope.

I love how raw and real and unscripted it is.

I love that I get to see my clients, business friends, and gurus in their most natural habitat.

And it can lead to amazing connections, a bigger community, and some definite sales!

The biggest objection that business owners have to getting started on Periscope?

"I don't know what to scope about!"

I call BS.

And to prove it, for the next 21 days, I'm going to give you topics that you can Scope about so that you don't feel like you have nothing to say.

I'm going to be doing two Scopes a day: one in the morning to explain each day's Scoping topic and to give a really brief tutorial about how to use Periscope and then one in the evening covering the topic myself (phew! That's a lot of Scopes!)

Want in?

Of course you do!

Drop your name and email below and get a list of all the prompts.

(P.S. This challenge will run from September 16th - October 6 but you're welcome to join whenever and extend the challenge for whenever feels right for you)

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