Let's All Stop Pretending Our Events Are Perfect

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Can you get on board with this one?

(Beware: this may teeter on the level of ranty, but maybe I don't get ranty enough over here.)

Whenever I see photos after an event, or testimonial videos, or those social media clips that show people laughing and talking in a crowded room, I get simultaneously excited and also a bit nauseous.

Because the straight up truth is this:

Something will go wrong at your event.

And for every 50 people smiling and laughing, there's one person (if you're lucky) who is about to send you a rage-induced email that your event was the worst they've ever been to and who do you think you are?

I'm not saying this to scare you (because you've got business balls, otherwise, you wouldn't even be thinking about hosting this event). I'm saying it to take a little bit of pressure off.

Because just as your struggling to figure out why the automatic emails you want to send out aren't sending, that happened to someone else whose event is on Style Me Pretty and Martha Stewart Living.

And just as you're feeling hopeless because the A/V failed at your keynote's talk, that also has happened to big wig corporate execs who had millions of dollars riding on that speech.

I'm saying this because the pressure is off, sis.

You can deliver because all those events you aspire to host came with their fair share of problems and snags and snafus and hopefully those women had really great on-site event managers to make sure that everything went right as rain again.

You have to have faith, and hope, and (if I can be biased) a really friggin' great event planner at your event so you can take some of that nervousness about making sure everything goes well and shift it to a higher power (or a wonderful event manager).

The point of hosting an event is to get people together in a room where they're imperfect, vulnerable, open, honest, in the moment, and wanting to learn, grow, and share. And I believe your event will go swimmingly, but if your attendees are feeling all those feelings and you're giving them some grace, you can give yourself and your event some grace to be imperfect, honest, in the moment, and a little rough around the edges.

So go ahead. Host an event. And know that it won't be perfect, because no single event in the 100s that I've done has ever been perfect. But no one will mind as long as you show up and host and make the best experience that you possibly can.

I believe in you, sis.

Lauren CaselliComment