#MontanaBossLady Happy Hour: A Recap (And Lessons Learned)

My own signature live event is a local networking event that I've created to be a young, fun, hip networking experience called the Boss Lady Bash.

This is a low cost networking event (about $50), and it has done a wonderful job building my own community locally.

Plus, my entire mission and purpose for starting a business is to help women entrepreneurs be successful in their businesses, whether that means getting to six figures, or having more time to spend with their kiddos, or just having some good ol' lady time every now and then. I do that both by planning events for them AND by running local events in my Montana community.

Last month, a few of my local community peeps were asking if we could all get together and do a happy hour. Super informal, just to say hey and have a glass of wine.

At first, I toyed with the idea of making it exclusive. Only Boss Ladies who have attended events.

And then I realized, the whole point is to GROW a community, to get through to people that business building doesn't have to be scary and you DEFINITELY don't have to do it alone.

And so, instead of asking only Boss Ladies to come, I:

• Asked each person to bring another person

• Asked each person to introduce said guest to me

• Asked each person to introduce said guest to two other people

• Asked each guest to sign up for my email list

I also realized that hosting free happy hours like this to get women together can be part of my value-add as a business owner. Think of it as my "freebie" offer for being on my list. It makes so much more sense to me than a PDF download (though I do have those too if you sign up right here).

And that was it! I got 15 new signups for my local community events (which isn't huge, but as a last minute thing, was a great addition!), and I got to meet even more people who I wouldn't have met normally.

And THAT my friends, is how you grow your community. Invite the masses and show 'em a DANG good time!

How I Planned It:

Here's my step-by-step checklist of what I did to throw this really informal networking happy hour.

•Called a local bar/restaurant and asked if they would mind if 50 or so ladies came in for a happy hour. Naturally, they said yes.

•Created a Facebook event for it

•Invited all my Boss Ladies to it via Facebook AND via our email list

•Created a physical sign-in sheet for new guests to sign up to get on my email list

•Sent a reminder email the day before

•Called the bar to let them know our rough final numbers

•Bought nametag stickers and fun sharpie pens, and printed out the sign in sheets

•Arrived 30 minutes early to the event

•Was ready to receive my guests as they trickled in!

What I Would Have Done Differently:

I'm not sure if every guest that came signed up on my email sheet, so I would have asked for a volunteer from my community to go around and make sure that everyone had signed up. Of course, no pressure for people to be on the list, but I just want to make sure they know about it if they want to be a part of it!

Lauren CaselliComment