It's Event Week! (And Three Tips for Event Sanity)

Oh hey there, smart, entrepreneur. I'm onsite in North Caaaa-lina (that's my very terrible southern accent) for the very illustrious Stratejoy Summer Camp.

Molly hired me a little over a year ago to help her execute this very big dream that she's had since she started her business years ago. The amount of planning, love, excitement, and plain old hard work that's gone into this event is astounding to me and I so can't wait to write a big old recap post about it after it's over on August 23rd.

Of course, I'm pre-blogging this post (so hey from the future!), but I wanted to give you three ways to stay calm during event week:

Drink loads of water, get as much sleep as you can

Seriously, events take a HUGE physical toll, not only on event hosts, but planners and anyone involved in the behind-the-scenes aspect of the event. There are often last minute changes, weather to deal with, people having different expectations than what is explained on the website, and people just generally being outside of their comfort zone.

Stay hydrated, wear comfortable shoes, get sleep, and generally plan at LEAST an hour a day (more if you're an introvert) for rest and recovery time during the day.

Protect yourself

You need to have really, really strict boundaries during a live event because you are expending so much energy and also taking on so many other people's energy. You'll be talking and talking a lot, and often, that can be draining if you're not used to doing it every day.

Make sure you get in the habit of setting good boundaries for you and your team (no meals with participants, an hour of relaxing time, resting during free hours, etc.).

Let Go

Hopefully, you have a team to help you pull the event off so, while you want to make every event experience as amazing and wonderful as you possibly can, you simply can't think of everything. There comes a point (which I call the "eff it" point) where you've done all the thinking you can, all the preparing you can, and you've let go and you just know it's going to be a wonderful experience, no matter what.

That's the best place to be, and I hope you get to that place sooner rather than later.

See you on the flipside, friends! I promise I'll blog a recap and let you know anything I learned from this event next week!

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