Do You Have Solid Event Goals?

If you don't, you're PROBABLY losing money and a WHOLE lot of time.

I've been accused of being an over-planner. And I am. I really, really am.

I literally will sit down with your agenda and envision myself as your attendee and find holes in how well information is communicated to possible attendees and create strategies to cull those possible holes. My brain is a scary place, my friend).

But what I often see is that people get so excited about hosting their peeps in a big room o' love, that they don't think about WHY they actually want them to be there.

It's like designing a website without the pictures or text first. You're just designing hoping that people will only look at the design, not read the words or look at the pictures (and we all know that's NOT true right? Right.)

So, here's a short exercise that I need you to complete to make sure your event goals are ON POINT before you start calling venues and putting together your seating chart.


1. List three things that excite you more than anything about your event (ex. being in a room live, making money a different way, speaking, hugging your online friends in real life)

2. List three reasons why you want your people to come to your event.

3. List three reasons why your people want to come meet you (and why they can't get the info that you're teaching anywhere else)

4. List the biggest reason that you want to host the event (build brand awareness, sell into a bigger product).

5. List three other reasons that you want to host your event.


The reason we need solid event goals is because your entire event will take shape around your goals. If you're trying to inspire your tribe, you should do a lot of speaking and a little bit of workshopping (or the other way around if your more of a teacher than a speaker).

If you want to sell into a bigger product, you need to think about how to create great content such that they get a taste of what it's like to buy that certain product.

It will also help keep you on track while your planning your event. For example, if you want an intimate experience, you wouldn't bring in a band to play at a networking hour or something. If you wanted to entertain people and create a memorable experience, maybe you'll opt to do some sort of city tour or concert or something.

The goals of your event dictate everything that you do when you're planning and executing the event as well, so be sure to suss that out before you do anything.

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Lauren CaselliComment