3 Tips for Becoming a Better Speaker

You know what's worse than going to an event and getting so excited to see you're favorite business/life personality?

Going to an event, seeing your favorite personality, and finding out that they're NOT a good speaker!

Don't be that guy that has amazing valuable content to give to your community and then fumble the delivery. Here are the BEST WAYS I've found to become more comfortable speaking in front of a group, even if they're small baby steps.


1. Get on Periscope or YouTube. Or just video yourself and then delete it. If you can get comfortable talking out loud, no matter if it's to your computer or one person on a social media app, AND delivering relevant content, you're going to be in much better shape when you go to find speaking gigs.

2. Join Toastmasters or a speaking club. Being around other awesome speakers is the best way to ask questions and be in community with people who are already good at speaking. Plus, they force you to get up and speak, so you'll have to get over that fear one way or the other.

3. Host an event! Of course I'm going to preach this until I'm blue in the face, but hosting an event is the quickest way to build your own speaking portfolio with relatively little risk,

BONUS TIP: Watch YouTube videos of other awesome speakers that you want to imitate. Write down what makes them awesome, then write down why you want to be that sort of speaker.


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