The Key to A Solid Event Budget

"How much can I expect to make on my event?"

"How much can I expect to spend?"

"And is it really all worth it?"

Budgeting questions are the ones I get the most and they are also the most complex. While many people want to dive headfirst into an event and just put it on so that they know that they can do it, I also advise against blindly leaping into something that is a huge financial investment, such as a live event, without a solid picture of what it's going to look like.

In today's video, I talk about the three different kinds of costs you'll run into when planning your event, as well as the ONE key to creating a really solid event budget that you can use for this event, and then use as a benchmark for any further events.


• Event budgets are necessary.

• It's necessary that you put some thought and a lot of research into them so that you aren't blindly going through the process of creating an experience without an idea of cost.

• Creating a good budget comes with creating a really, really solid picture of what your event will include FIRST, then doing the research, then making decisions about what to offer your attendees and what to cut based on budget.


Because it's such an in-depth topic, I'm hosting a webinar on Wednesday to discuss budgeting things.

WHEN: Wednesday, July 22 at 10am PST // 1pm EST

WHERE: Get on the list right here.

WHAT: A 30 - 45 minute webinar on what the different pieces of an event budget are, how I go about creating an event budget, AND how you can get started creating a good one of your own (with a freebie worksheet!).

Don't miss it. I'll see you there!

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