The CEO Sessions: A Recap!

A week ago, I hosted The CEO Sessions with my bud, Stella Orange at the most GORGEOUS event space in Bozeman, Urbaine Home.

As with every event that I do, I'm always so grateful for the community that is cultivated, the conversation that is fostered, and the a-HA! moments that are had.

The CEO Sessions  Stella Orange-0117.jpg

I hosted this event because I truly believe that being in a room with someone you admire, alongside people who have similar questions, and surrounded by gorgeous, inspirational things makes the entrepreneurial community stronger, more robust, and better.

We're better together than we are in competition.

The CEO Sessions  Stella Orange-0115.jpg

And after hosting three events in as many months, I'm taking a short break from hosting events, at least until September. I'm going to play a little bit more this summer, launch a few more products that I've got brewing (including the #BossLady Starter Kit, which you can get inside info about if you sign up for my weekly email over there on the right sidebar), and generally love on myself a bit more.

Until then, enjoy these GORGEOUS event photos from the strikingly talented Orange Photographie. Sam and Reid are talented photographers and I'm so glad they were on board with this event!

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