How to Decide When to Launch and Host Your Event

Choosing the time of the year to host your event is just as important as when, where, and how you choose to plan it. I won’t be so naive to tell you that there is only one time of the year when you should host an event (as it really varies by industry and target market) but if you’re in the entrepreneurial world, I’ve got a few ideas about when you should be launching and putting on your conference.

Don’t launch OR host between Christmas and New Year’s.

People’s attention is split between buying retail products, gearing up to spend time with family, and attending end of the year gatherings. It is most definitely not on buying services, unless you’re Amazon

Give yourself three months at least between sales and execution

Which means, if you want to be hosting your event in the fall, you should probably launch it in the spring. Or if you want to host it in the summer, you should launch mid-winter.

However, if you want to host it in March, a three month window is putting you smack dab in the middle of the holidays. Either push your sales cycle out earlier OR host your event later in the year.

Pay attention to your industry.

If your ideal client is wedding professionals, you're going to strike out in the summer time, when weddings in the northern hemisphere are in full swing. Target clients are teachers? Don't even think about hosting a September or October event.

Knowing when your ideal client is free

Be cautious in the summer

It's hard to launch an event in the summer, since people's attention spans are all over the place, but if your target market has more time to travel and take off from their business or work, summer may be a good idea to host in the summer.

Give yourself three weeks to a month of teasing before launch.

Build up that excitement energy before you launch ticket sales, have people sign up to a special VIP list, THEN do a pre-launch to that special VIP list. That way, you can build momentum and, when you launch to the public, you can say "only 20 tickets left out of 40!" The scarcity mentality will help power you through to a sold out event.

My General Recommendations

Launch in the fall, host in the spring. Or launch in the spring and host in the fall. Either way, you get a "down" season in the middle to work on the actual event planning piece, and once ticket sales are closed, you can plan your event pretty much down to the last detail over the last four months. Easy peasy!

Need someone me to tell you how much your event is going to cost and whether or not it's feasible to pull off? I can help!