How to Take Care of Yourself on Event Day


The biggest mistake I see entrepreneurs making when they go to run their own live events?

They take care of everything else FIRST before making sure they're the best host they can possibly be.

Which is a HUGE problem because:

You're hosting a live event presumably to make some money AND to treat people so well that they want to give you all of their money and all of their business.

Now, if you remember to take this into account and you remember that the point of an event is to treat potential clients and customers so well that they can trust you with their business and their money, you'll take the following video seriously.


•Hosting an event is about building trust. Make sure you're well rested, well hydrated, well prepared so that you can be your most trustworthy self.

Hosting an event should not be done alone. Hire a minion. Hire a college kid who wants a chance. Hire a local wedding planner who's just starting out. Please don't carry five cases of wine up and down two flights of stairs because you think you got this All By Yourself.

Hosting an event should be wildly fun. For you AND your guests. So if you're running around cleaning up rogue paper plates and sweeping cocktail stirrers off the floor, cut that shit out. Your potential clients don't want to see you sweeping floors, they want to see you interacting and being the #boss that you should be.


When was the last time you went to an event? What did the host/hostess act like? What was good or bad about that? Tell me in the comments below!


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