What to Do Two Weeks Out from Your Event

There's about a two-week period that takes place right before an event goes live that I call "the Panic Period."

It's when you have all these amazing event ideas and you realized that you didn't give yourself enough lead time to execute them all. You start to sweat, you panic, you realize you ONLY HAVE TWO WEEKS LEFT TO DO ALL THE THINGS.

In today's video, I'm giving my best advice for when you realize you are on the verge of a meltdown:

Some Examples

Do you need examples of things that get thought about during the Panic Period? I got you covered.

•Swag: Oh, but I REALLY wanted to get custom pencils for everyone? Save it for next time sis. It's a nice touch, but you have better things to focus on.

Food + Drinks: This can be a five-minute decision, but sometimes we drag it out for weeks and weeks. If you're at a loss, go to the grocery store, get some catering plates, transfer it to a nice serving platter, and you're done. Also, water and sparkling water (and coffee/tea if it's morning) are all you really need (wine is nice, but for sanity's sake, stick to the basics)

Small details: signature cocktails, fancy signage, packaging...these are all things that branding experts will tell you that you ABSOLUTELY need, but really, all you need is great content and an engaged audience. Let it go, sister. Your workshop will be better off for it.

Lauren CaselliComment