How I Did It: Working with General Assembly to Host an Event

If you haven't noticed, I'm obsessed with helping you create live events. And because I live in a small town, I sometimes forget about the other resources available for hosting an event that you may not want to plan all by yourself.

General Assembly is an in-person and online learning resource that hosts events, workshops,  and speeches around a variety of topics. If you've ever wanted to speak and don't want to do the planning that, creating an event with the help of General Assembly may be a really good idea.

I sat down with Heather Rees, a General Assembly instructor, to talk about how she began working with them to create a live class and how that catapulted her to creating her own event (which is coming up in just a few weeks in Los Angeles!).

Watch below to get all Heather's knowledge on working with a company like General Assembly and the benefits working with a third-party can bring.


Heather's Website

The 'Captivating Growth' Workshop

Heather's General Assembly Class


Have you ever thought of doing a workshop or class with a third-party host? Why or why not? Leave a comment below and tell me about your experience with General Assembly or a company like them.

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