How to Get Useful Feedback from Your Event

You've successfully executed your first live event (Hooray! All the party horn emojis!).

Your attendees were happy, you felt lit up, and all in all, it was a resounding success.

You're already planning your next event...but wait a hot second.

How do you build on the momentum of your first event to make your second event even bigger and even better?

You know from reading this blog that event wrap up is extremely important. But how do you get useful feedback that makes the next event have even more hype?

With a questionnaire of course!

I simply create a Google Form and email it out via Mailchimp the day after my event.

But you don't want the questions to be generic and vague (a surefire way for NO ONE to answer them). Here is my favorite way to get useful workshop feedback, which can be easily turned into website testimonials in a jiffy!

Feedback Script

Hey lady!

Thanks so much for attending {name of event here} last night. I had such a blast meeting you!

Because I want to make my events even better for the next time, I'd love for you to click this link and answer the questions in the form. Shouldn't take more than five minutes.

I appreciate you!

xo, Lauren


I heard about this event from...

i chose to attend this event because...

The entire process from signing up for the event, to getting information, to attending the actual event was (too slow? Just right? Easy, simple, hard, frustrating?)…

My biggest breakthrough moment at the event was...

The best part of attending this event was...

If I could offer one piece of constructive criticism about this event, it would be...

I’m cool with a fragment or bit of this being used on {your name}’s website as a testimonial (with a peek at the language before it goes live, of course). YES / NO

Your name + website here:

How to Use this Feedback

Now that you have your feedback, take the best pieces of feedback, pop them on your website, and add their name and website. Bonus points if you can get a head shot to accompany the testimonial.

For testimonials, try to keep them no longer than one or two sentences. Big blocks of testimonial text rarely get read, but short, snappy blurbs often can convey the point and encourage people the sign up.

How do you gather feedback from your events and turn them into a sales tool for the next one? Tell me in the comments below!

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