Launch It Before You're Ready (Because Ready Isn't a Thing)

With the launch of the #BossLadyBash v. 2.0 today at 10:00am MST, I wanted to take a minute to talk about something I've been hearing lately.

I'm not ready.

Which sounds to me like...

"I'm not ready to put my retreat on the market. I still have some costs to get."

"I'm not ready yet to put my business out there. I don't even have a name yet."

"I'm not ready to ask her for a meeting. I need to nail my elevator pitch first."

Here's some wisdom I've learned over the last two years:

We're never ready. I'm never ready.

When I launched #BossLadyBash the first time, I had no sponsors, no model, no idea how to pull this event off (I DID have a venue, which is necessary for launching an event, but NOT necessary for gauging interest).

But I knew that networking events for female entrepreneurs sucked. And I knew that I could change it.

You will never be ready to put on your event. In today's video, I'll tell you exactly what I DID have, and what YOU need to be "ready." Otherwise, you'll just be stuck in Someday Land, when is perhaps the worst place to be as an entrepreneur.

To Recap

1. You need an idea + a way to convey it to people.

2. You need a way for people to buy from you OR to find out more information.

3. You need promises upon which you can deliver.

And then? You need to put it out there. Whether it's just a tease or a full on launch, you need to put it out before you'll know if you need to do anymore work on it.

Wrap Up

If you're in the Mountain West (or want to take a little vacay to Montana!), I'd love to see you on Wednesday, June 3. Snag your ticket TODAY at 10am MST.

Not in Montana? If you're in another smallish to mediumish community around the US I'd LOVE to hear from you. Does your community need something like the #BossLadyBash? Tell me in the comments below:

a) Where you live

b) What frustrations you have with networking as a small business owner in your town.

Can't wait to hear from you!