How to Create a Live Event that Feels Authentic (and Builds Your Business)

Think that hosting an event means you have to stand on a big stage, flipping through powerpoint presentations and standing behind a podium?

Think again.

(Also, ick. That's my least favorite kind of event.)

Today's video is allllll about creating an event experience that resonates with you. And about time, right? How many times have you been to TERRIBLE events? No more, I say!

(PLUS! I'm hosting a webinar! Tomorrow! Watch the video for details on what it's about.)


1. Sit down. Take out a pen and paper. Write down three ways you LOVE connecting with your tribe. Is it online? Is it in a newsletter? Is it over coffee? Is it at a big networking event?

2. I'm hosting a webinar tomorrow at 11am MST! Get all the details and the link to the webinar by dropping your email in the box below.

Can't wait to see you tomorrow!