Why Workshops are a Beautiful, Beautiful Thing for Your Business


In-person events create lasting relationships.

It's why the most prestigious law firms host fancy golf outings, why network marketers host in-home tupperware parties, and "launch parties" are big business.

Think about it: when someone invites you over for dinner, they cook a meal for you, invite you to have a glass of wine, ask you about how you're doing, and then they send you home with leftovers.

You didn't have to cook or clean. You just sat down, connected with them, and left thinking "Wow, that person is so great to have hosted me like that. I want to host them next time."

That's what in-person events do for your business. They create loyal fans, people who want to soak up your goodness, and leave LOVING you, and also singing your praises forever and ever.

If you can get your people in a room with you, they will become lifelong fans, which means they'll buy your products, your services, tell their friends, their families, heck, their ENTIRE networks how amazing you are.

So how do you get started?

Start with free. Seriously.

You want people to trust that you absolutely know what you're doing, right?

And asking them to pay $100+ for a few hour workshop might be...daunting, right?

And ain't nothin' worse than not knowing if your people will show up because it's...daunting, right?

Just like online products or services, you need to grease the wheels a little bit.

No one is going to pay $300 for an in-person event if they don't know WHY being in your presence and hearing it STRAIGHT from you is beneficial to them and their business.

Host a free meetup at a local bar and get to know your audience. Find out what they're struggling with. Really, really listen to them. Pretend like you're rounding up all your friends and keep it casual and low-key.

You'll learn a ton about planning and organizing an event, and all you'll be doing is telling people to show up for you.

Then, offer a really low-priced paid event. Maybe it's a talk at the library for $30. Sell 10 spots and you make $300 for an hour or two of your time.

Maybe it's a dinner party in your home where you cook for 10 people and do some business coaching. Charge $50 and make spaghetti for 10 people and meet your dreamies in the middle. Find out what they need. Dole out as much advice as you can pack in over dinner.

Once you do this a few times, your name will get out there. People will talk about how "they were at dinner with their friend (you) and she (you) gave such AMAZING advice."

And then their friend will ask "Well how do I get in on one of these things?"

And then you have a new potential customer.

THAT'S why live events are amazing for your business. It's not an e-product that they buy, read once, and never think about again.

It's a real life experience.

They feel moved.

Called to action.

Inspired to do their best work, be their best self.

And THAT'S why live events are amazing for your business. They create real connection, with real people, quickly and easily.

All because you invited them to dinner.

Lauren CaselliComment