Lead Generating vs. Income Producing Events (and Why You Should Care)

Workshops and conferences have been showing up everywhere and it makes me so excited to see that happening.

When you start getting into the world of workshops and in-person events, you'll need to decided a few things...namely:

Is this event income-producing or lead-generating?

It's certainly possible for your live event to be BOTH, but before you plan and launch an event out there in the world, you'd better decide what the goal of the event is.

Do you want more clients to work with you one-on-one? It's lead-generating.

Are you going to soft-sell another program/course/service/product at the end? It's lead-generating.

Are you treating your clients to a rockstar event with no sales pitch? It's income producing.

Are you asking a high-ticket price and limiting attendees? It's income producing.

Why is it important for you to figure this out before you launch your event? I'll tell you in today's video.


Are you doing lead-generating or income-producing events? In the comments below, let me know what type of event your doing and how I can help you!

Lauren CaselliComment