How I Did It: Kaitlin Holland of the School of Styling

You know when you meet someone and they're so humble and amazingly talented and just continue putting themselves out there over and over again with AMAZING results?

That's Kaitlin Holland of The School of Styling.

I had the opportunity to interview Kaitlin, ohhhhh, about six weeks ago (during the Snowpocalypse in North Carolina! Fortunately she was home for a snow day!) and I've been sitting on the interview for STINKIN' ever because (full disclosure), I am terrible at editing videos.

But seeing as The School of Styling's Los Angeles workshop is coming up (and is almost sold out) I thought you'd want to hear about how it came about and how Kaitlin went out on a limb to create something she'd never seen done before.

The story of the School of Styling is so near and dear to my own heart, because Kaitlin simply KNEW she had to put it out there...and when she did, the reward was EPIC!

I'm so excited that you get to hear all about its inception (oh, and if you're a designer, planner, stylist, or just looking to get deep into to world of styling, go grab your tickets for the Los Angeles workshop and Charleston, too!).

Lauren Caselli2 Comments