#HowIKillIt (And How You Can, Too)


I've been hearing this recently:

"Girl, you are KILLING it!"

"Lady, I can't even with all the stuff that's been on your website. You must be KILLING it!"

"Oh my gosh, you look like you are KILLING it!"

Which makes me want to run and hide.

Because I feel like I am most definitely NOT killing it in the way that I think when I think of "killing it."

Here's my definition of "killing it":

1. I make $4,000/month minimum.
(And yes, I realize you might be looking at that and saying...that's ALL?!)

2. I have an engaged community of newsletter, social media, and internet #bossladies. Who know me, like me, and trust me to help them create amazing events as a platform to grow their business and reward their people. (This is also big, as the community is what fuels me to keep doing what I do everyday)

3. I can say YES to opportunities that fill me up, and NOPE to opportunities that liken to a root canal. (Seriously? A root canal is TERRIBLE.)

And you know what? Those last two things are really, really slowly starting to happen.

BUT THAT FIRST THING? Not happening. Not even close.

Money is important.


It's why we do this business thing.

It's why I wake up every morning and write in my notebook and block out time on the weekends to write info products (Top 10 Things You NEED to Think About Before Launching Your Workshop PDF COMING SOON!) and have a laundry list of courses that need to see the light of day.

I'm not doing this because I think it's cute to sit around and eat chocolate in my underwear? (Though, that IS fun.)

I'm doing this to help other women entrepreneurs create a platform first, and then I'm doing it so I can, one day, eat chocolate in my underwear.

But I need the money to buy the chocolate first. And, really, buy sheets that don't give my skin a rash, travel around the globe to encourage other amazing women, and support my Someday Family.

I'm not going to wrap this post up and say "But, it's really going to be great and the money is going to flow in and YAAAAY!"

Because you don't need to hear that.

There are plenty of other amazing entrepreneurs who have dug through the mud and have come out the other side and are making all the money they've ever manifested.

They'll tell you that you can do it because they did it and HOORAY LIFE IS AMAZING! WORK HARD! GET SHIT DONE! MAKE SIX FIGURES!

But I wanted to come to you from the beginning. I'm going through the mud, I'm not yet on the other side, and let me tell you:


It makes me want to quit.

It makes me anxious about buying coffee.

It makes me scared to pull out my credit card.

Full disclosure? Based on my current projections, I'm on track to make $28,000 this year.

Before taxes. Before expenses. Before nice sheets.

Which, in Montana, is livable.

But is a SERIOUS downgrade from last year.

And an even MORE serious downgrade from my corporate salary in New York City that I made when I was 22.

And that? Feels shameful.

It feels like I'm working my butt off for very little payout.

I'm not complaining. I know I'll make more than $28K this year. I don't know how I know; I just do.

But my whole goal is to start this conversation. To tell you that I know my shit, I know what I'm doing, and I can help you rock out your event in a way that helps to build your platform AND your income.

And that? Is #HowIKillIt

I just gotta figure the money thing out. And right now, I'm focusing on being as generous as I possibly can. I'm focusing on helping and building and doing things that make my heart sing.

Even if it means I eat ramen for a while (actually, I kinda like ramen...)

I live by the phrase, "Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle."

And I am TOTALLY on board with that.

This is my beginning.

And I am SO okay with it.

What's your beginning look like?


Your Turn


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2. Tag me (@lcasellievents) and use the hashtag #HowIKillIt so that we can all give each other some love, and keep killin' it as amazing biz lady owners together.

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