Why Having an Agenda is Essential for Your Event

I'll never forget the first wedding I planned.

It was the dead heat of July. The cake melted after being the final delivery of the day (in a delivery van that was not air-conditioned). I had one missing bridal party member. And the battery in my headset had gone out. I was flying solo.

But I did have a diligently prepped, nine page agenda.

Let's talk about life-saving, shall we?

When you prepare for every possible disaster and the one you didn't plan for, an agenda comes in really handy. In today's video, I talk about that and two other super important reasons that you should have a deeply thought out agenda for your event. Let's get to it!

I should mention that I also always have TWO versions of my agenda/schedule: one that I give my attendees and one that I keep for myself. The one for attendees should be one-page if possible to keep from it getting cumbersome.

My own on the other hand? It's a scary-long, super detailed document that acts as my command center for an event. Replete with phone numbers, staging directions, and more details than I may ever need, it literally is the only document I ever use on-site. Keeps it simple, and keeps me sane.


Comment below and tell me how you keep yourself organized on the day of your event. Bonus points for those of you who are as big of agenda nerds as I am ;)

Lauren CaselliComment