The One Thing You Need To Do To Prep For Planning Your Own Event


Next week is the First Ever #BossLadyBash.

I'm planning, managing, executing, and hosting it. (I don't recommend this but I'm an event planner so we're going to hope for the best.)

But really? This is the first event (other than a birthday party here and there) that I've launched and sold (and sold out, might I add). And that is a scary, scary thing. And I'm 10 years seasoned!

When you're in the idea stage of your event, you're going to want to do as much research as you possibly can. Today's video talks about the ONE THING you have to start doing before you plan and launch your own event.

Let's do it!


•Going to events and putting on your "planner hat" is the secret sauce to getting inspiration for your own event (no, Pinterest will not help)

•Make sure to jot down both what you LOVE and what you DON'T LOVE.


In the comments below, tell me about an event experience that you LOVED and why you loved it. Alternately, tell me an experience that turned you off, and why you won' repeat it at your own event.

See ya next week, #bossladies!

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