10 Challenges You'll Face When Planning Your Event


Hosting your own event is often less glamorous that you'd imagine.

Image in head: You, greeting your guests at the door of your sold out event, taking their coats and ushering them into a gorgeously designed space, filled with light, amazing florals, delicious canapes, and bubbling cocktails.

Reality: This space costs HOW much?

Here's are 10 brutal truths about hosting an event:

1. Setting a budget will make you doubt your business-ownership skills.

There are so many costs (venue, food, swag, admin work, labor, decor) that it's really easy to forget about your bottom line. Unless you have serious sponsorship, or an enormous mailing list, it can be quite tricky to be profitable right out of the gate. And when you realize all this, you'll be all "GAHHHH HOW DO I SET A TICKET PRICE!" and then collapse in a pile of tears.

2. The pricetag on your time will simultaneously make you laugh and weep hot tears.

There is so much time that goes into planning an event, the number of hours you spent planning (somewhere between 100 - 500) will make you cringe. This always decreases by event #2 or #3, but there is still a lot of back and forth, waiting for confirmation, making a decision, changing your mind, and making rush decisions because you've run out of time.

3. You'll have have highs and lows that rival your 16-year-old-self

You haven't seen angst like event planning angst since you locked yourself in your room, threw yourself down on your bed, and blasted TLC's "Creep". And NO, I DON'T want to talk about it, MOM!

4. Budget? What budget?

The B-word is a nasty girl for sure, plus, when you're deciding whether to actually make a profit or buy the CUTEST NOTEPADS IN ALL OF THE LAND, well... you know where I'm going with this.

5. 'Marketing' and 'Selling' are your new middle names.

Because when you have seats to fill and a venue that you're on the hook with, you're not above offering your first born to get bums in the chairs.

6. Chairs cost HOW MUCH?

You don't need decorations anyway. Cold metal chairs it is. Who needs to be comfortable?

7. So about this budget again...

Right. That thing. Just throw it out the window. You don't need it anyway.

8. Naps sound really good, always.

From the moment you decide to host an event, to the moment you sign your venue contract, to the moment you start selling to...pretty much the moment the last person walks out the door on the final day of your event, you're going to want to take a nap. Go with it. Take lots of naps.

9. Your vendors won't ever get back to you.

Even though they are the most wonderful, hard-working, amazing vendors, for some reason, sending an immediate response to your urgent request at 2am IS NOT ON THEIR LIST OF PRIORITIES.

10. You'll spend far too much on wine.

To medicate yourself throughout the entire process.

What have your event challenges been? Tell me in the comments below!

Lauren CaselliComment