How to LAUNCH an Event (The Amatuer Way)

Yesterday, at 5:30pm, I launched an event.

Which, in Lauren Caselli Events terms, means I:

1. Sent an email to my list (less than 50 people). Most of them live out of state.

2. Sent out an Instagram post (with the graphic created by the lovely Sarah Cauble)

3. Sent an email to my small networking group in my local town (of 17 ladies)

4. Closed my email, went to a friend's house, drank lots of wine.

And when I checked my inbox three hours later?

12 spots. Gone.

Granted, the price point was low for what's being offered. ($40)

But still. Launching is hard, emotional stuff. You put yourself on a silver platter, dressed in your shiniest, best duds, and you hope that someone out there says "Yes! I'd like a piece of that!"

And if they don't? Heart-wrenching.

And if they do? Then you have to ACTUALLY deliver. *cue imposter monsters*

And then you wonder: did I have a stain on my best duds? Did my shoes not match my pants? Did they not want these duds in the first place? WHAT. IS. THE. PROBLEM?

What I'll tell you about this is:

It might be the duds. But it also might not be.

What I've learned about launching this event is this:

1. I found the hole. There is literally nothing else like the #BossLadyBash in my small community. If you live in a small town and feel defeated because you don't feel like you have the ears of a larger audience, that shit simply ain't true.

2. I invited my friends. Half the attendees are people I consider business friends. And it took me TWO YEARS of business ownership to get to this point where I felt good and connected enough to host an event like this. I'm not saying it will take you two years, but I'm also not saying I could have done something like this even a year ago.

3. I shopped the idea. For a month before I even started planning. People loved the concept of meeting other creatives in a low pressure, facilitated, non-judgmental atmosphere. But the way I found this out was that I asked them "What is your biggest frustration about meeting other entrepreneurs? What do you hate about networking events?" Listening to those frustrations and complaints are what led me to create this event (people are surprisingly more candid about what they dislike about something than what they like about even though I don't love negative marketing, it was a really useful way to suss out this information).

I'm not a launching expert, but now that there are only 9 spots left, I'm starting to think you don't have to be a launching expert. Or even that "famous." You simply need an idea, that serves a very specific need, that you can get in front of the people that you want to get in front of.


What are your struggles with launching an event? What do you constantly hear your community complaining about, and how can you feel this need? Comment below and tell me!

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