Daring Greatly: How I'll Help Plan Your Event This Month

It's almost two months through 2015 and I was looking through my quarterly goals and last week I realized that half of them (and the HARDEST ones) I hadn't even approached yet: figuring out how to work with MORE people and to help them get exactly what they needed when it comes to planning an event.

Rewind: A few months ago, I was in the thick of advising my clients on how to find a venue for their events and lo + behold, I realized it was a HUGE struggle for them to find the venue (heck it's a struggle for ME to find a venue). Such a struggle that it killed 90% of the event ideas that they had.

On top of the huge challenge it is to find a venue, it's also a huge struggle to outline the course of a live event AND LAUNCH THE DANG THING. Two HUGE blows that knock you down before you even get started.

That was when I realized I needed to reach more people and help in a way that isn't as cost-prohibitive as working with me one-on-one.

So I sat down one day and noodled my way through a course that gives you all of the secrets I use when searching for venues. Then I noodled some more and came up with a sample budget, because we all need a little more guidance around the money aspect of events, amiright?

Introducing...my very first E-Course offering (with beta pricing AND a bonus hour for my early adopters).

Watch the video to find out about my special offer for YOU.


•I'm launching a two-day E-Course called 'Get Your Plan On', which will teach you how to find a venue for your workshop, retreat, or conference, at a price you love (plus, how to lay out the rest of the budget so that you can figure out how much this thing will cost you!).

•Get on the newsletter so you're in the loop (and get halfway to planning your event)!

Can't wait to see you in the course!

Lauren CaselliComment