Why "But I'm Not an Expert" is Not a Good Excuse

If you've recently been approached about possibly teaching a workshop, or you've got clients who are requesting to meet you in person to teach them how YOU did it, but your response is

"But I'm not an expert. I just tried some stuff and it worked!"

Then you're going to love the video below.

I know how hard it can be to get over the barriers of planning and leading a workshop, but if you're still stuck in the "But I don't have anything to offer!" phase, it can seem EVEN MORE impossible to get all the other administrative stuff taken care of.

So I thought I'd make this video about why "But I'm Not an Expert" is not a good excuse. You'll learn:

•Why you absolutely are an expert

•The two things people are looking for from you to do for them at your live event

•Ways that you can make your workshop a forum that feels comfortable (and not like a school setting!)

•What I sound like when I actually feel comfortable in front of the camera (progress, not perfection, people!)


1. Write those questions down! What do your friends, family, colleagues, and clients ask you over and over again (if that's the only thing you do, that's a great first step).

2. Leave a comment below and tell me what you're struggling with when it comes to those "I'M NOT AN EXPERT" voices.

Plan on, young planawans.

Lauren CaselliComment