Why Surprises Are No Good (When It Comes to An Event)


Seven years ago, I was twenty-two, hunched over a wooden bench, affixing floral pieces to said bench with floral wire.

I was six months graduated from college and working on my tenth wedding of the year as an associate planner for a boutique planning firm.

Sweating in the mid-October sun (we were blessed and cursed with late summer weather that year), I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turning around, I was confronted by the mother-of-the-bride giddly holding out two cardboard boxes, stamped with DHL labels.

"We'd like for you to release these white butterflies when our daughter and her husband walk back down the aisle," she stated, excitedly.

I blinked up at her, mentally calculating in my head how to position myself at the end of the last row of benches without interrupting the ceremony.

"And," she continued. "We'd like you to transfer them to these velvet hat boxes. But butterflies wake up when warmed, so you'll have to do it without touching them. And without light."

This is not the type of surprise that you want to have on the day of your event.

But unfortunately, sometimes caterers or event spaces or attendees, just like mother-of-the-brides, throw us a "really-quick-last-minute curveball" that can completely throw us for a loop.

Like "Oh no, we don't have audio visual. Did you need that?"


"Oh, tables and chairs will cost extra. I know we show them in the space on our website, but you didn't want to actually have them, did you?"

And it can be SO frustrating to have done all the hard work of planning an event, organizing your content, getting ready to host, and then feel like, on top of all the pressure to get up there and teach, someone hands you an expectation for which you didn't plan.

Lady, I have BEEN there (as evidenced by well-meaning-yet-totally-oblivious mother-of-the-bride above).

Which is why I created "Get Your Plan On", a LIVE e-course that gives creative entrepreneurs the tools to research and lock down their venue and sort out their budget, so they can set a ticket price already!

I created it...

...for you, the DIY workshop, conference, or retreat host who is leaping into planning her first LIVE event this year but frankly, has no flippin' idea where to start.

...for you, the entrepreneur that wants to create the electricity that live events seem to breathe, and that can't quite be replicated with an e-course, a webinar, or a group coaching call.

...for you, the boss lady that simply doesn't have the time to waste on unproductive Google Searches and hotel venues that cost thousands of dollars.

We'll be discussing...

•the RIGHT questions to ask to make sure your venue has everything you need (no surprises!)

•how to search for these elusive "loft spaces" that seem to pop up on Pinterest but you can't actually seem to find

•how to organize all the information that you'll need to make a decision on an event space and also, HOW to make that final decision

•Setting your budget and thus, sorting out your ticket price (and seeing if that ticket price is something your ideal clients would pay

•a LIVE Q+A sesh at the end so you can ask me all the questions you've ever wanted to ask about events, no-holds-barred (I can't wait to hear what you come up with!)

Ready to go from frustrated and overwhelmed to event host? If so, sign up here!

(And after you've signed up, start updating that "About Me" page to add "Speaker" to your list of professional titles).

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