In Which I Give You Tools to Get Your Event LAUNCHED!

(And in the process, launch something myself!)

As of yesterday, the only way to work with me was one-on-one, at a price point that is high, especially if you're planning your FIRST event and you are just trying to sort out everything you need to get started -- well, it's a big leap of faith to invest in something you are just sort of mulling over.

So, I made me more accessible. Because after 10 years in the conferences/workshops/retreats industry, I've made some mistakes that I really don't want you to have to make!

And I solved the TWO MOST common problems that you're all coming to me with:



Because once you have the answers to those two questions, you can actually launch your event. You don't need a caterer, or gift bags, or sponsors (yet) before you can start selling tickets. But you do need:

a) A location

b) A ticket price

(Which you can't do without those two big things up there)

You need a venue to have an event date (and, uh, a place for people to literally sit), and you need a budget so you know how much you'll need to charge your attendees to cover your out-of-pocket expenses (or hit your sales goals).

Which is why I made my very first LIVE e-course, Get Your Plan On, just for you.

It covers the tricks and tips that I use with my high-profile clients on finding a venue and setting a budget...the two HIGHEST hurdles when it comes to planning your own event.

Tickets are limited to 20 students (with a special bonus for the first 10 who sign up!)

Who's it for?

It's for the entrepreneur who knows 2015 is the year she steps into the world of in-person workshops (it's for you, sis).

It's for the business owner who's tired of seeing their peers run their own events with half the knowledge.

It's for the boss lady whose turn it is to add "speaker" to her resume.

It's for to sassy CEO who wants to feel electrified by her dream clients in a room, inspired by her words and clamoring for her feedback. (Gives you chills, doesn't it?)

I created Get Your Plan On for YOU.

I hope you'll join me and finally make this year your year of the LIVE event (with none of the hassle that's currently keeping your workshop/mastermind group/networking event/conference in your folder of "Someday Ideas").

PS I'm also hosting a free webinar next week to talk about the steps you have to take to get to the part where you're actually CALLING venues. Essential prep work that I want to walk through with you. Details will be announced first to members of my list, so get on that, will ya?

PPS Ready to plan your event? GET YO' PLAN ON, GIRL!

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