How I Made Money in 2015 (And How It's Changing in 2016)

Oh hey there! I was about to gracefully sidestep the fact that even though I posted three times a week for the entire first nine months of the year, I posted exactly ZERO times between September and December.

Blame it on a new website in the works or the fact that I'm trying to launch three (yes, three) events in the next month, or that I'd been really honing in on some client work during October and November.

But instead of totally blowing off the fact that I've been MIA on my own dang website, I decided that this could be a good segue into how I hit my income goal this year and how I'm changing up my offerings for next year (with a little bonus about how to work with me in the New Year).

How I Made Money in 2015

Event Planning

My primary business is event planning and about 70% of my income this year came from direct, one-on-one strategic event planning for digital entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 companies, and the occasional tech company. Which means I traveled to Asheville, NC and Half Moon Bay, CA and all over Montana to help people pull off awesome strategic events. And I'm looking forward to doing it next year.

However, I have a really strategic goal of only having 6 total events next year. Ideally, those 6 events would make up about 50% of my income and the rest would be. I have 3 contracted for next year which means if you're SERIOUS about getting an event on the books in 2016, let me know!


Another thing I've been doing is my Plan of Attack sessions, which is 1:1 phone calls with women who want to hold strategic events in their business, but don't know where to get started. This makes up about 10% of my income, and in 2016 I've decided to continue offering sessions for people who want to get their event off the ground AND for women who want to start their own retreat and workshop planning business (because retreats, workshops, and conferences are the way to go! They're so popular now!).

Boss Lady Bash

If you've been hanging around on my Instagram much this year,  you'll know that I'm the founder and creator of a little event I like the call the "Boss Lady Bash". Half networking event, half place where women can get together and share openly about their business dreams and their business struggles, this event has helped me get in touch with the community that I want to serve. Boss Lady Bash makes up about 15% of my income, though I'm looking to expand the brand as well as the offerings in 2016 (thing: Montana Boss Supper Club, which will be a 6 month, new business coaching program...with wine! And dinner!), more Boss Lady happy hours, a few Boss Lady Bash's in Missoula, Livingston, Jackson Hole, and maybe Northern Montana, and webinars (free!) to keep us all together when we can't hang out in person.

You'll notice that doesn't add up to 100%...

Which is fine, because math was never my strong suit anyway. But in reality, I've done a handful of smaller projects for some other awesome boss ladies around the globe that weren't necessarily related to my primary business (some communication work, some marketing and writing work, some consulting work on things unrelated to...well, anything really).

In 2016 I will...

...develop my event planning business so that I'm consistently committing to planning events in 2017 and beyond

...grow the Boss Lady community to be closer to 50% of my income, which means more events, more sponsorship from awesome boss ladies, more partnerships with other awesome brands around Montana, and hopefully, the launch of the DIY Boss Lady Bash (for all of you in different cities who want to know how to launch, market, and sell your own amazing event!).

...revise and resell my "Get Your Plan On" e-course, which is a crash course in finding a venue, setting a budget, marketing and selling out your live event. Digital learning is so fun, and I just got the hang of it at the beginning of 2015, I just had too much on my plate to continue launching e-courses. But this year? Watch out...there's going to be all kinds of learning happening here and over at!

Okay, now it's your turn!

What do you want to see from me in 2016? Do you want to host a live event? How can I lend you my brain in the best way so that you can start building your profile as a workshop/retreat/conference/networking event host?