How I Did It: Crosby Noricks Fashion PR Confidential Workshop

Happy Wednesday! How is everyone's week so far? 2015 treating you nicely? If not, I'll come by and slap that jerk into 2016!

Today's interview is with someone I admire SO much. Last week, I got to speak with Crosby Noricks, founder of PR Couture, and co-founder of Fashion PR Confidential, a 2-day workshop for entry-level fashion publicists, taught in partnership with Danika Daly PR. The next workshop will take place in New York City, March 21-22.


If you're interested in planning your own event, are in the fashion industry, or are just excited (like I am!) to hear about amazing women doing amazing things, this candid conversation will be like candy.

And listen all the way to the end because Crosby gives a really fascinating piece of advice on how to approach sponsors for your event or workshop. Sponsorship isn't something I've talked about much, but Crosby is a GENIUS on the PR front and definitely an area of her expertise. If you want to talk sponsorship, she's your gal!


1. What's one thing you'd like to know about planning your workshop/retreat? Comment below and let me know!

2. Want to bounce around some ideas about your upcoming workshop/retreat/conference? Check out my Plan of Attack calls, which help answer all those nagging questions (like, how much will this cost? And where am I going to find a venue for this thing?)

3. If you're in the fashion world, hop over to Fashion PR Confidential and get registered! I promise, it will be completely worth it.

Thanks so much, Crosby for letting us behind the scenes!

Lauren CaselliComment