My One Goal for 2015

Happy New Year, amazing entrepreneurs!

If you're anything like me, you're practically ITCHING to get started on making your New Years' Resolutions and goals happen. I have some really wonderful goals I've been setting for my new business, Lauren Caselli Events, that I'll be sharing over the next few blog posts, but I want to share something a bit more personal with you before I dive into this week's scheduled post.

One of those goals is to blog more and SPECIFICALLY to do more videos and podcast style posts. I love my client Carrie's vlogs and while it may take a while for me to set up her Oprah style sitting area, I'm really excited to explore this way of connecting with you!

I also really want this year to be intentional. I want my clients who love the way I do business and who are really ready to take the leap into doing more in-person events and conferences. But I don't want 100 clients and to be busy, busy, busy all the time. I want 10, very motivated, very intentional clients. And it took me almost a year to come to this conclusion.

In the below video, you'll learn:

1. Why I am only really picking one main goal for this year (and what that goal is!)

2. Why I am super super grateful for you

3. A SUPER surprise from me to you. I want this to be the year of getting out from behind your computer screen, and I've got something to help jumpstart your year in a really wonderful way.


In sum

1. I am SO freakin' grateful for you.

2. I'm dubbing this year "Get Out From Behind the Screen in '15"

3. SURPRISE! I'm giving away free goodness (namely, a Plan of Attack call and a solid blueprint for Getting Out from Behind Your Screen in '15 and bringing your message to people you can't wait to serve!)


1. Comment below telling me your ONE major goal for 2015. I'm seriously so excited to hear about it.

2. Email me at to book your FREE one hour, Plan of Attack session so you can finally Get Out From Behind Your Computer Screen in '15.

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