How to Pick Your Workshop Topic and Get to Planning Already


You're an ace at your business. You're a fantastic copywriter / designer / coach, with clients all over the globe who want to love up on you and heap their praise upon all who will listen.

And you know you want to get in front of them and teach. You want that community feel; you want them to ask you questions and turn it into a group discussion. You want to feel the presence of your dream clients and be inspired by their presence (and them to be similarly inspired).

But your big hurdle is that you don't know what to teach. You don't know what they want to hear and what will get them in a room with you and 20 other creatives.

Don't stress, sis; I'm tackling exactly how to decide WHAT to teach and HOW to make sure it's a good idea in the video below.

(Apologies for the weird framing. My video team is still working the kinks out...;)


To Recap

1. Go through your archives. I promise, you've got a workshop-worthy idea already

2. Pick something that fires you up. Doesn't have to be related to your business. If it's something that inspires you, chances are it'll inspire your dream clients too.

3. Flip around your idea of "workshop". If you want to teach, but you want to do it in more of a host or facilitator role rather than "teacher", you absolutely can! Check out Designer Vaca to see what I mean.


I promise, promise, promise you have the experience, the know-how, and the personality to host a sold-out workshop.

You may just need a little time brainstorming and kicking around a few ideas in your community, on your blog, and in your Facebook groups.

Thanks so much for watching and PLEASE if you have questions about HOW to figure out what’s a good workshop idea and what’s a bad workshop idea, leave ‘em in the comments below.

See ya next time!

Lauren Caselli2 Comments