The Two Reasons Your Audience Attends Your Event


Let me be frank.

You might think that your audience will attend your event because of the amazing PowerPoint presentation you've created.

You might think that you need to slave for hours and hours over the most well-laid out workbooks

You might think sweet swag and A-Level sponsorship is going to make or break you.

It won't. Promise.

The main reasons why your dream clients want to come to your event?

1. The Speakers

2. The Networking

Which is a boring way of saying:

1. Your Story

2. Your Community

The truth is, most people, whether they're entrepreneurs, twenty-somethings looking to make a life change, mamas who feel like they're failing one diaper change at a time, are going to attend an event because they want it to change them in some way.

They want to:

a) hear the advice that made your speakers (or YOU, if it's an event that you're hosting solo) go from your proverbial rags to riches (even if your rags were a six-figure corporate job and your riches a bootstrappin' startup) or;

b) meet other people who are also coming to the event that feel similarly disheartened and needing to make a change. There's strength in having a community to help you. Which is easily found at a live, in-person event, where your only distractions are other conference attendees.

No one likes a no-struggle story. Everyone wants to hear the hard parts. The parts that make them know that it's going to be hard, it's going to be work, but if they push through it, the struggle will be worth it.

And they're hoping you can impart on them some unknowable advice. Something specific that they can do. Something that they can take action on. There's a secret that you know because you're where they want to be!

And you know, as you've known since you got to wherever you are on your journey that there is no secret.

There's no magic formula.

There's cliche sayings like "do the work" or "grow slowly."

So your job is to:

1. Share your story, from beginning to end. Share your heart out. Share with extreme vulnerability. Share about the time you six-figure-launched and your marriage was in the toilet. Share about the time you lost your kid at the grocery store while you were snapping an Instagram pic that @gwenythpaltrom regrammed. Share the 100 times you messed up for the one time that you got it right. Share, share, share, share. It's the best thing you can possibly do to make your attendees rave (and that goes for every product, blog post, and lesson you want to impart)

2. Connect them. Make them feel important to you. Make them feel important to each other. Help them share their own stories, to give each other hope that they will get to where you are some day if they "Do the work" and "grow slowly" (just maybe don't say that right away).

These are the reasons people attend live events. Because they feel like there is something that they're missing from the online world that can only be solved one-on-one, in-person, with you.


Let's keep it simple today. Why have you attended a workshop or retreat before? What answers have you sought and were they different from the answers you came home with?

Lauren CaselliComment