Creating a An Unforgettable Retreat Experience


One really important bit of information to know about events/new products that I learned from last week's interview?

They're easier to sell out.


Because they're shiny and new. Because bloggers + PR mavens are more likely to write about them. Because people want to get in on a good thing before everyone else does.

So what can you do to make your event so irresistible and unforgettable that your clients will tell all their business buddies that your conference is THE BEST EVER?

Make their experience second to none. Make them feel like your only client, ever. Make them feel that they're a tender part of your business, and that you are so, so grateful and excited to teach them to move mountains.

But how do you do this? Right here:

So, that said...

I've attended hundreds of events. I've planned hundreds more. I know what makes your people feel like an insider and what makes them feel like just another paying customer.

I can give you tips all day long (and I will! Let's talk about it), but what it comes down to is the golden rule:

Treat people how you'd like to be treated. Be grateful. And love them. A lot.


We'll keep it easy this week.

1. Give me an example of how you've been treated like gold at an event (any, workshop, retreat, ANYTHING!). If you can't think of one, give me an example of how you've been treated like another paying customer.

Plan on, young padawans. #planningnerd


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