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I feel like I've had a thousand and one blogs in my life. Like I've constantly tried to evolve myself into the career-woman I've always wanted to be, one blog at a time.

It started with a running blog (sadly, no longer in existence) way back in 2007.

It was on blogger. I wrote about running. I wrote 32 posts before I stopped running forever (good riddance).

Then, I started writing about my life as a traveler. That one had a better track record, but I stopped posting (mostly because I settled down here in Bozeman, Montana and stopped traveling to far flung locales).

Soon after, I launched my writing business. It was my first foray into blogging for my professional life (sadly, it was located on this site before I hawked my rebrand). And it was deliciously fun. For a while.

About a year ago, I got the idea that I should write more about wedding planning because when you do something for 10 years, the world is literally begging you to share it.

So, as my friends started getting married and I started helping them plan their weddings, I decided that I would help all the other couples out there in the world make a little more sense of the Huge Event Planning Process.

And then, about six months ago, a very dear angel on my shoulder convinced me that I should do the same thing I was trying to do for couples...but for entrepreneurs.

I had planned retreats, conferences, weddings, trade shows, non-profit breakfasts, and a very memorable bachelorette weekend (*brushes shoulder off*). Why couldn't I help creative, smart women plan workshops, retreats, jam sessions, and finding-your-core circles?

The answer? I could. And I could do it right now.

So in the next few weeks I hope to start sharing some of my thoughts on conferences (and why I'm a total conference junkie), retreats, workshops, and most of all, HOW TO PLAN then.

And if you haven't signed up for my weekly tips, you're missing out. Cuz at some point, there's an event that will need to be planned. And the freebie worksheet that you get when you sign up for my weekly tips? Is worth your name and email address times a hundred.

Thanks for stopping by the new site! Can't wait to learn, share, and grow alongside all of you!

To Well-Planned Events and Beyond!


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